After wasting hours during each shoot just setting up, lighting, and then dismantling the chroma screen, we began to question why there isn't a solution. There wasn't one, so we created it.


Painted Lit-up 3-sided Green Screen

Ready to shoot within minutes. Light up your talent or product, fire up your camera, and start creating. For the more discerning cinematographers, there's always the option of using your own lights. Options of white and blue screens as well.

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Rentals Starting from One Hour

Fed up of paying for more than you need? We were too. And so our rentals start at one hour. Because with pretty much everything already set up for you at Studio One, sometimes that's all you'll need to create some magic. A short fling? Sure.

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Equipment and Lighting Rentals

Want to offload even more of the redundant work? Cameras, mics, lights, tracks, sliders, jibs–whatever you need. With our network, we could arrange the moon for you. Save yourself the trouble. Advice on equipment is free, of course.

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In-house Production Team

Looking for end-to-end production? Or just some crew? Writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, graphic artists—find these and more on our award-winning in-house team. As a package or individually, at some sweet deals.

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Private Lounge with Wireless Monitoring

A warm and cozy private lounge where the core-crew, agencies and clients can relax, brainstorm and have food and drinks. And to make it even better, we have wireless monitoring of the live feed from the camera as well as talk-back. Who says you can't work and play at the same time!

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