Next-door Shops, Services, and Restaurants

Studio One is inside Nirvana Courtyard. What else is inside it? Hundreds of shops, stationary stores, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, salons, ATMs. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Very conducive to easy production. There’s also a liquor store for that well-earned party.

 Easy Access and Loads of Free Parking

Love hunting for a parking spot or swimming across puddles, especially just before a shoot? If you don’t, we’d rather have you spend time on what’s worthy. Free underground parking and the serene, traffic-light landscape of Nirvana Country will help with that.

 Sound Isolation with Glass Wool, Wood, and Rubber

At Studio One, we have used the best glass wool and wood, to create the perfect acoustics to record sound without any disturbance. Rubber mats help keep the texture of sound clean. Acoustic doors help keep external noise from contaminating what’s being recorded.

 Attached Makeup Room

Because you need one. It opens into the studio through a sound-proof door and opens outside for that discreet entry and escape.

 WiFi and Printer Access

Who hasn’t missed script or shot breakdown or storyboard prints at the shoot? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And also connected.